Welcome to our website. It was first designed in 1997 to introduce our two preemie sons, Jeremy and Cameron. The site has sat idle for many years but thankfully Cameron has taken the reigns and developed the site as you see it today. It is still a work in process as he tweaks it from it's first original format and some areas still need to be added. So sit back and enjoy the new website and be sure to come back to visit as Cameron updates features in his spare time.


Our family consists of Rob, Virginia (Connie), Jeremy, Cameron and our three fur babies, Rusty, Mandi and Molly.

Rob and Virginia, aka mom and dad, were married on April 20, 1991.  Jeremy was born on January 5, 1993 and Cameron was born on November 15, 1994.  We have had a few fur babies along the way but the most recent and current cats are:  Rusty, he joined our family in 2008; Mandi, she joined our family in 2009; and Molly, she joined our family in 2015.

We originally lived on farm in Southeastern Saskatchewan and moved to the ‘Big’ city in 1995.  We currently still live in the city with dreams of being back in the country someday.


Jeremy is the oldest of our boys.  He may have started life small and frail but he has developed into a very fine young man who has made our family proud.  He has an eidetic memory which serves him very well.

He started school early attending a private preschool where he got a jump on his academics.  After which he attended the local elementary school, then a private high school where he participated in the IB (International Baccalaureate) program.   He won a scholarship to attend the Goethe- Institut in Berlin, Germany to study for a month. Once he returned he headed off to Queen’s University to study Political Science and History.  He convocated with Great Distinction with a double major in Political Science and History, winning the Medal in History and Political Studies as well as the Grattan O’Leary Prize in Canadian History.

He is now enjoying his current employment with what one would describe as his dream job.


Cameron is the youngest boy of our family.  He started life so tiny but he too, has grown to be a very fine young man who has accomplished many great things albeit being diagnosed as autistic.

He started school at a young age, 2 ½, in an integrated preschool to help prepare him for elementary school. He started elementary school at the age of 6 as they would not accept him until he was verbal.  He had many struggles throughout his elementary schooling but persevered and went on to high school.  It is here that Cameron really started to develop his love of music and found a great group of friends with the same interests.

He graduated high school and began working at a local hardware store.  He kept his interest in music going and is still participating in both drum and singing lessons.  Cameron excels at computers and is our household expert if we need assistance.

While continuing to work part-time, he is currently taking an online course for computer website development. He is hoping to make this a career path in the near future.  This current endeavor is what has allowed this website to be re-created and professionally developed with the latest design techniques.


Rob and Virginia (Connie) actually met at a very young age, around 7 and 8 years of age, as both their fathers were Amateur Radio Operators and would get together once in a while.  The two of them spent time together playing childhood games when the families got together.

In 1985 and 1986, they were each other’s high school graduation dates.  It was in the summer of 1986 that they started officially seeing each other as a couple.

There is an expression that opposites attract and in their case, it may be true.  Rob enjoys his water frozen – he plays hockey every chance he gets.  Virginia enjoys her water liquid as she spent her growing years at the swimming pool, as a swimmer, an instructor, examiner and Synchronized swimming coach.  

In 1991 they were married and started their life together on the farm.