Cameron was due on December 12, 1994, but the doctors decided to deliver him on November 15, 1994, at 35/36 weeks gestation. This was because mommy was suffering from Pre-eclampsia and baby had stopped growing. Cameron came into the world weighing 3 lbs. 7 oz. and was 16 1/2 inches in length. To learn more about his early arrival read on.

Mommy and Daddy found out on April 13, 1994, that they were expecting me. Mommy was excited yet nervous since she knew she had a 50/50 chance of having complications again due to Pre-eclampsia. On July 27, 1994, mommy had her first ultrasound of me. Everything appeared to be going great.

On August 25, 1994, mommy's doctor informed her that her blood sugar levels were up and she needed to have a glucose tolerance test. So the following Monday she did so and the tests came back borderline. The dietitian placed mommy on a special diet to limit her sugar intake and every week after she had a regular blood test called an FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar).

The diet seemed to be helping and mommy made it until October 19, 1994, before any other complications developed. Her blood pressure started to increase. It reached 140/90. Her doctor felt it was not too serious and nothing was done at this time. Now mommy looks back and wishes she would have consulted with the perinatologist that took care of her in the final months of her pregnancy with Jeremy.

It was on November 12, 1994, that mommy had daddy take her to the nearest hospital, a 1/2 hour drive since they still lived on the farm. She was admitted with high-blood pressure and she was feeling the same way she had when she was pregnant with Jeremy. Not a good sign.

Five days prior to delivery mommy went to hospital with history of decreased fetal movements and was noted to have proteinuria, elevated blood pressure and discrepancy between gestational age and uterine size. She was hospitalized and kept on bed rest. She was not on any medications. There was no history of bleeding or infection. 50g 1 hour PC glucose was borderline and hence on diet. Mommy was subsequently transferred on November 15, 1994, to Regina with a blood pressure reading of 170/90.

On arrival due to hypertension mommy was placed on Magsol Infusion. An ultrasound revealed the fetal growth to be poor, less than 10th percentile. Estimated fetal weight was 1535 grams. Biophysical profile, 8 out of 10 with subjective decrease in the amniotic fluid and a few decelerations on NSD, hence C-section under epidural anesthesia was carried out. Baby was in good condition at birth. Apgar scores were 5 at 1 minute and 9 at 5 minutes. Resuscitation involved airway suctioning and oxygen supplementation. Birth weight 3 lbs. 7 oz., head circumference 12.2 inches and length 16.5 inches. Physical examination revealed the baby to be 35/36 weeks gestational age with growth parameters less than 2 standard deviation below the mean indication asymmetrical intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR). There was no cardiopulmonary distress. Systemic examination was essentially normal. No dysmorphic features.


Baby was placed on intravenous fluids. Septic screen was done and baby was placed on antibiotic coverage. Cameron's initial Hgb was slightly elevated with Hct of .669 hence he was kept NPO and on IV fluids. Oral feeds were commenced on day 3 with breast milk. Initially all feeds were gavage feeds. By 3 weeks of age he was taking all feeds by bottle and taking approximately 160 - 170 mL/kilo/day. Caloric content was increased by 45 (mixing breast milk with natural care). Cameron was also on supplemental vitamins and iron.

Initial cultures revealed enterobactor aclamerans in the blood likely contaminant. He was treated with a course of Cefotaxime. Cameron was jaundice during the first week with a peak bilirubin level of 225 µmol/L. He was placed under photo therapy with subsequent decline in the level. Routine cranial ultrasound was essentially normal. Ophthalmological evaluation revealed no abnormality. Audiological screening was done and the results were inconclusive.

Cameron's course in the neonatal unit was uneventful and he was discharged at 1 month of age. December 14, 1994, to be precise. Due to mommy's health she was unable to go down to the NICU to visit Cameron. The nurses were kind enough to bring her this first picture of Cameron in the NICU. He was initially hooked up to a positive pressure vent but was breathing on his own shortly after. The monitors for his heartrate/breathing and O2 levels, as well as an intravenous were hooked up. He was in section 1, the critical section during this time but was quickly moved to the 2nd stage.

Cameron was 3 lbs. 7 oz. at birth and daddy compared him to the size of his hand (Picture #2). Cameron was placed under the phototherapy lights twice while in NICU. Here he is with his little "batman" mask on to protect his eyes (Picture #3). Daddy, Mommy and big brother Jeremy spent many days in the NICU. When entering the NICU one had to scrub and gown up. It was great that they had small gowns available for siblings to use. Jeremy visited with the nurses who once took care of him while he was there -- only 22 months earlier (Picture #4).

The paternal grandma and grandpa, as well as Jeremy, spent lots of time visiting with Cameron in the NICU. Here Grandma is bottle feeding Cameron (Picture #5). On December 14, 1994, Cameron came home. This is the first night he spent in his OWN bed. He was released weighing 2.04 kg (roughly 4.5 lbs.)


Here are some photos of Cameron's Birthday, Cameron's Halloween costumes and Cameron's Christmas'.