Cameron and Autism

Cameron was born prematurely and as a result of this he was followed through a developmental clinic.  It was at his 18 month follow-up exam that we first heard the term PDD, pervasive development disorder.  Since he was still young the doctors told us not to worry about it too much at this time, although it did help to explain some of his odd 'habits', 'likes' and 'dislikes'.  It was not until his 2 year clinic that we were told he was displaying traits typical with the autism spectrum.   Some of the traits were:

-          lack of speech, he didnít even make babbling noises as a baby and he didnít begin talking until he was about 4.5 years old

-          as he got older he would grunt and point to things that he wanted

-          he preferred NOT to be held and would arch his back away from you when picked up

-          he did not make any eye contact and to this day has difficulty with that

-         Cameron would spend hours, sometimes an entire day, lining up his little cars into straight lines and/or intricate patterns.  He would become very upset if his work was interrupted or disturbed in any manner.  We would sometimes try to move one car to see if he would notice.  He did and would proceed to correct the misplaced item. 


-          if he found a piece of string or rope, sometimes even the garden hose, he would straighten it out and follow it back and forth from one end to another over and over again

-          he would bang his head and it always seemed to be on something hard.  If he did start on something soft, such as the sofa, he would move to the wall, floor or table.  After splitting his forehead open once the doctor told us he would most likely stop but he didnít.

-          any type of outing was a challenge.  If he knew we were headed to a certain place but we took an alternate route he would throw a fit in his car seat where he would bang back on the seat and scream. 

-          Shopping was no easy chore as he often would bang his head on the bar of the shopping cart and believe me, we received many stares from people who just didnít understand

Where did we go from here:

The hospital doctors referred us to Child and Youth Services and through their child psychologist and speech/language pathologist we received confirmation that Cameron did indeed fit into the world of the autistic.  From this moment on we began our quest to find out more about autism and to find out how we can best help Cameron.  

We began obtaining services from the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre.  We were able to meet with a child psychologist, an OT, a PT and a Music Therapist on a bi-weekly basis.  

I will fill in more on this page when time permits.

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