Cameron's NICU Pictures


Due to mommy's health she was unable to go down to the NICU to visit Cameron. The nurses were kind enough to bring her this first picture of Cameron in the NICU. He was initially hooked up to a positive pressure vent but was breathing on his own shortly after. The monitors for his heartrate/breathing and O2 levels, as well as an intravenous were hooked up. He was in section 1, the critical section during this time but was quickly moved to the 2nd stage.
Cameron was 3 lbs. 7 oz. at birth and daddy compared him to the size of his hand.
Cameron was placed under the phototherapy lights twice while in NICU. Here he is with his little "batman" mask on to protect his eyes.
Daddy, Mommy and big brother Jeremy spent many days in the NICU. When entering the NICU one had to scrub and gown up. It was great that they had small gowns available for siblings to use. Jeremy visited with the nurses who once took care of him while he was there -- only 22 months earlier.
The paternal grandma and grandpa, as well as Jeremy, spent lots of time visiting with Cameron in the NICU. Here Grandma is bottle feeding Cameron.
On December 14, 1994, Cameron came home. This is the first night he spent in his OWN bed. He was released weighing 2.04 kg (roughly 4.5 lbs.)

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