Jeremy's NICU Pictures

Jeremy's first bed was an isolette in section 1 of the NICU, spot JJ to be precise. The NICU is divided into 4 sections,1 being most critical and 4 being least.

Inside the isolette, Jeremy was hooked to many monitors. These kept track of his breathing, heart rate and O2 levels. Intravenously he was given meds and fluids. Because he was born with respiratory distress he was placed on a positive pressure ventilator. In this picture he is also under the photo therapy light due to high levels of bilirubin.

Daddy compared the size of Jeremy with his hand. There was not much difference!

Once Jeremy was able to come out of the isolette, he was wrapped tightly and donned a little hat to help maintain his body temperature.

Jeremy was held lots once he was "freed" from his isolette. Here he is at 12 days old and weighing in at 3 lbs. 7 oz. (a little down from his birth weight)

Jeremy is getting closer to coming home. Now in section 4 of the NICU he is removed from his monitors and IV's. He is nearing the required discharge weight of 5 lbs. Jeremy now weighs 4 lbs. 10 oz.

Before being released from the NICU Jeremy had his "official" baby picture taken.

The day finally arrives and on February 9, 1993, Jeremy comes home. His weight is 2.36 kg (just over 5 lbs.)

On March 5, 1993, Jeremy was re-admitted to the NICU due to bouts of Apnea. He spent a weekend being monitored and after finding no real danger he was sent home with a clean bill of the health!! He spent about 3 days in hospital again during November 1993 with croup. After this his only other hospital stay was February 25, 1997 when he was admitted for surgery to repair two hernias: an inguinal and an umbilical hernia.

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