Mom's Page


On April 23, 2006, Mom ran the RPS 1/2 Marathon.  It was a cold, snowy day but a fun race.


On July 9, 2006, Mom ran the HSBC Calgary Marathon with her best friend Shelley.  Mom is the one with long blonde hair and wearing a white top during the marathon.  It was a hot humid day but they survived the race.

                 Off to the races at 5:30 am!        Crossing the finish line, finally!            Posing with our medals                     

On September 10, 2006, mom ran the Queen City 1/2 Marathon.  She was a little disappointed in her time but had fun.

              At the Starting Line -     Nearing the finish!          

  After the Calgary marathon mom figures 1/2 marathons are more her speed and fit better into her training schedule.


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