Our Christmas Page



(l to r - Jeremy in front of the Christmas tree in 1993; Jeremy and Cameron - the two best presents under the tree in 1994; Santa and Jeremy in 1995; Jeremy and Cameron spending Christmas of 1995 with their cousins)


(l to r - Cameron's first visit with Santa in 1997, not too happy; In 1998 Cameron was much more pleased to visit Santa; Jeremy's visit with Santa in 1998; Cameron visits with Santa during his school concert in 1998 as his teacher watches on)


(l to r - Jeremy and Cameron waiting patiently to open their presents in 1998; In front of the tree in 1999; Jeremy and Cameron eagerly waiting to see what Santa brought them for Christmas 2000; mom needs to scan the 2001 picture to place on the page)


(l to r:  this is Jeremy and Cameron's last Christmas in this house and since we were on the move we only set up a tiny tree for 2002; Cameron and Jeremy celebrating their first Christmas in the new house - 2003; Jeremy and Cameron after opening their presents on Christmas Day 2004. )


(l - r:  Jeremy and Cameron before opening Christmas gifts in 2005. Jeremy and Cameron Christmas Morning 2006) 

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