Dad, Rob, grew up on a farm with his parents and 3 older brothers.  Once he married, he took over the family farm from his father while he also worked for a local Gas company which was conveniently located a couple of miles from the farm. 

It was in 1995 that an opportunity presented itself for him to move his new family to the “Big” city and farm alongside his father and brothers again on a farm just a short commute into the country.  He took this leap, resigned from his job at the gas plant, sold the current farm and moved.  It was a bit of an adjustment moving from the tranquillity of the farm to the congestion of a large city.

In 2007, we sold the farm.  It was both a happy and sad occasion.  Our lives changed but we managed to work through it.

Rob spent some time at home and took a few online courses, one for Business Accounting and another for Sports Management.

He did take on a job at a branch of the BMO and worked his way up to Financial Advisor but just wasn’t happy working indoors.  He decided to find a job back in the profession he loved, farming.

For a few years he worked on a Corporate farm as an equipment operator and was happy to be back in his element.  This farm however ran into financial difficulty so he resigned early knowing the company would not last much longer.  From there he took up a position with another Corporate farm, the previous manager of the last farm invited him over.  He worked as an equipment operator again and then just recently as the farm manager.  To date he is still with this farm.


In 2006, mom decided that she would try running as a new sport since she could not seem to find time to fit swimming into her schedule.

On April 23, 2006, she ran her first ½ marathon.  It was a cold, snowy day but a fun race.

On July 9, 2006, mom ran the HSBC Calgary Marathon with her best friend Shelley.  Mom is the one with the long blonde hair and wearing a white top during the marathon.  It was a hot humid day but they had survived the race.  From the practice runs they had hoped to finish in about 5 hours but the heat played a factor in a longer finish time.

After the Calgary marathon, mom figured she would stick to ½ marathons as they fit better into her training schedule.  She has run several ½ marathons over the years, many on her own and others with her younger sister.

Mom and Cameron both participate in 5km for Autism Awareness.